A Unique Mobile Phone With High Quality Camera


Vivo Y11 Plus smartphone was introduced in the markets by the name of ” 2021 phone “. It is equipped with many features which are meant for smart communication. The latest version of this device comes with software named as Android Kit Kat. It has been introduced by the name of “VIVE” in China. After testing the handset in the real world, we have found out that there are some flaws in this gadget.

The price of this smartphone is around Rs 15,500 in India. In other countries, it is available for under a hundred dollars. The general opinion is that the body of this handset is not new. The material used in the body of this smartphone is not too cheap. The build quality of the vivo y11 is of poor quality and it will be troublesome if you handle it roughly.

The main weakness of the vivo y11 is its weak camera lens. The lens of this smartphone is not that effective and lacks clarity. Another factor of low quality and poor camera lens is the lack of RAM. It runs on just 1GB ram which is quite slow. When you compare it to the iPhone 6s Plus, the Camera performance of the HTC does not get much better.

The battery of this handset is not very strong and it lasts only for around ten hours. This is not good enough for a social networking addict who is always on the move. The battery of the vivo y11 ( 2021) runs out easily in mid of the session and requires recharging many times during the day. Many users complained about the weak camera performance but this can be said to be subjective as the camera of this handset is not as effective as the iPhone 6s Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. vivo y11

In the field of internet, the vivo y11 has been compared with the Nokia E71 and Samsung Wave. Both phones have got a decent reception and voice quality. But the performance of the ai triple camera phones of HTC was found to be better than the iPhone and the Galaxy S7 Edge. It offers an easy to use interface, fantastic camera experience and a great memory. In this respect, it can be said to be the most affordable smartphone of this year.

Apart from that, this gadget also allows you to connect to your PC or laptop via a USB cable. You can even watch media content including videos and movies with this smartphone in the built-in TV mode. The price of the vivo y11 is not within the reach of every budget and hence the handset is available at a rather attractive price. If you are looking for something impressive and something that will wow your friends, the ai triple camera phones of HTC are the perfect choice for you.


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