Being One With God

Undoubtedly, a swimming pool is truly a part of any pool owner’s home. Most absolutely, a pool is on an outdoor space, such space is an extension of the indoor living space. With that said, there is a need to do a blessing on a swimming pool as there is a need to bless one’s house. This is to make sure that your pool and it’s vicinity is one with GOD.

A lot of people have the misconception whether there is really a need to bless a swimming pool. A swimming pool is used by One true God every family member as all the house’s furniture and rooms are. So rest assured, a swimming pool is a part of the home. That alone is a colossal chunk of go signal that there is genuinely a need to bless one’s swimming pool.

Up until now, a majority of people do not understand what a blessing is. Well, basically, a blessing is a religious ritual that is done into a space. Mainly, the target is to be one with GOD and be protected against evil spirits. Some people think that a blessing may just be done only in a number religions or sectors. This is not true. A blessing is applicable to all religions. It may just very on the way that it is carried out. Anyone who believes in GOD and that GOD can protect one’s space can do a blessing.

“Blessing” one’s space or home is done for centuries now. It is done also to newly opened offices, business and establishments. This religious ritual may last for 2 hours, depending on the size of one’s house. When one has his or her house blessed, one can see to it that the whole vicinity of the house is passed by. So technically, you can pretty much include your swimming pool into the blessing.

So how do you do it? Blessing a swimming pool is practically the same thing as blessing a home. This is how you can prepare for it.

1. Device a plan for your pool blessing. List down all the things that you need. List down all the people that will attend and the time and order of the events.

2. Contact your trusted priest, reverend or any spiritual leader that you have in your sector. Have them lead your swimming pool blessing.

3. Clean up your pool area. Your outdoor space has to be flawlessly clean for the blessing. Be reminded that people will be walking around those grounds so you have to make sure that they don’t trip over anything.

4. Place solar lights on your pool area just in case the blessing will last until nighttime.

5. As custom dictates, every blessing ends with a feast. Plan a healthy, satisfying and thrifty feast for all your guests.

6. Place a door mat on every entrance and exit of your house as the people may come into your house for the feast or to use the rest room.

7. Place mineral water and paper towel rolls at several places in your home.

8. Prepare candles and incense just in case your spiritual reader opts to use them.

Offer that precious place to GOD that it may be one with HIM. Have a blessed swimming pool today!


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