Knowing and Doing the Will of God Through New Birth

One of the leading scholars of Israel came to Jesus in the night. Jesus told him that unless a person is born again he would not see the kingdom of God. This scholar did not that knowing and doing the will of God required a rebirth.

He was upset and asked how that can be. How can a person go back to his mother’s womb again was his question?What is the will of God Jesus said you are a scholar in Israel yet you cannot understand this concept.

There are many who still do not understand this concept. We live in a third dimension world and everything we normally understand is through our senses. In every man, there exists another invisible dimension called the spirit. Only rebirth can begin the process of knowing and doing the will of God.

We all experience that every day yet deny it. There is something called self-talk. All of us talk to ourselves more than we talk to others. WE make decision, analyze, and think through our inner person.

Some call it the mind, some call it the soul, and some call it the spirit. Some may even call it three parts body, soul, and spirit. I will simplify it by saying that there is an inner and outer person.

The inner person is where our self-talk goes on. It is invisible and beyond our sense life. This dimensional re birth is what Jesus s talking about. Knowing and doing the will of God is purely spiritual.

That acceptance of our sinful nature and separation from God will alone start eh process of rebirth. Rebirth is to acknowledge that we are away form God the source of our existence and need to be re-done. Recreation, regeneration and rebirth will mean the same, but different ways to call it.

God requires that we change our ways. Only a rebirth or a born again experience with God can change our way of thinking, behaving and living before God.

We can live any way you want before humans. However, when we face God we need to be born again. This new birth will give us new insights, ideas, thoughts, and relationship with God. Knowing and doing the will of God is a relationship based on the new birth. New birth alone can guarantee our citizenship into the kingdom of God.

Robert Fenn is a pastor, preacher, mentor and bible teacher for over 40 years.

His writings reflect his personal daily walk, struggles, victories and failures. He loves to share God’s unfailing love, protection and guidance to others throughout his life.


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