How many cameras are in Bigg Boss Telugu

Bigg Boss House mainly runs and depends on Cameras. What all things, discussions, task and almost everything is shown by Bigg Boss Cameras only, without cameras it is almost impossible to know inside things of Bigg Boss House as Whole House is locked from outside. 

Total 76 Cameras

As Per the Official Information, Bigg Boss Telugu House has a complete of about 76 Cameras. These cameras are vary depend on quality and Size. The cameras that are set upped inside are of high Resolution. Everything and All acts of Housemates except their Private moves are recorded by these cameras.

Voting Trends

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Except washroom, Full Bigg boss house is setupped with Cameras. Living room, Pool Area, Kitchen, Bedroom, wash area have full of Cameras. Washrooms are exempted from having Cameras. 

Cameras Catch Everything


No Housemates can escape from Bigg  Boss eyes. Bigg Boss watches housemates 24/7. If any misbehave or violent acts are done, then they are well capture and will be shown by Host Nagarjuna in the weekend. These type of incidents have already happened in the house. 


For Example, In fourth week Kajal blamed Lobo that he has shown Middle finger to her and Lobo denied and said that he never shown like that. In weekend Nagarjuna again Played that video in which lobo was just showing the finger up telling about lizard to Ravi which was misunderstood by Kaajal. In this way Bigg Boss Cameras catches everything. 


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